28. August 2009

Visit to The Mersey Forest

Group picture at the Sutton Manor site

Paul Nolan, Director of The Mersey Forest (ForeStClim partner 13) invited the Lead Partner to visit the project on 26/27 August 2009.

28. August 2009

Finance Meetings in D, NL, F and UK

Finance meeting in Strasbourg (F)

In August, the Lead Partner, Landesforsten Rheinland-Pfalz, has organised meetings in Trier (D), Beek-Ubbergen (NL), Strasbourg (F) and Birchwood (UK).

22. July 2009

Team M task forces established

We are happy to announce that two task forces have come into being. They are both rooted within ForeStClim team M ("Management Strategies") and will be lead by Dr Luc Boerboom from ITC, Netherlands.

03. July 2009

Payment Claim No.3 template available

The template for the payment claim no.3 is now available from the website as Microsoft Excel file. It covers the period of January-June 2009.

03. July 2009

2nd Payment Claim approved

We are pleased to inform all partners that the Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS) in Lille has approved the second progress report and payment claim.