Here you will find a growing number of websites and documents dedicated to the topic of forests and climate change.

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ForeStClim project links

ForeStClim @ INTERREG IVB North-West Europe

Guidance on the use of the Interreg IVB logo and Commission Regulation (very important for presentations, publications...)!

ForeStClim project site of the Technical University of Trier (partner 2):

ForeStClim project site of the Technical University of Munich (partner 4):

ForeStClim project site of CLUWRR, Newcastle University (partner 9):

ForeStClim project site of Forestry Commission UK (partner 14):

German ForeStClim project description @ KomPass (Umweltbundesamt):

Climate vegetation maps for 2080 (Hervé Le Bouler):

Websites and portals

International - A Knowledgebase of UN and Intergovernmental Activities Addressing Global Climate Change Policy

FAO - Forests and Climate Change Portal

IPCC - Publications and Reports

CIFOR (Center for International Forestry Research) Forests and Climate Change

UNFCC - REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation in Developing Countries) portal

WWF International - Forests and Climate Change

CLIMSAT - Satellite Imagery to Fight Global Warming at the Local Level



SIC Adapt

MCPFE - Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe

European Commission - Environment, Adaptation of Water and Environmental Resources to Climate Change

FUTMON - Further Development and Implementation of an EU-level Forest Monitoring System

EU - FP7 project MOTIVE (MOdels for AdapTIVE Forest Management)

EU - FP7 project CLIMSAVE (Climate Change Integrated Assessment Methodology for Cross-Sectoral Adaptation and Vulnerability in Europe)

EU - FP6 project EPIC FORCE (Evidence-based Policy for Integrated Control of FOrested River Catchments in Extreme Rainfall and Snowmelt)

EU - FP5 project SILVISTRAT (Response Strategies to Climatic Change in Management of European Forests)

EU - COST Action FP0804 - Forest Management Decision Support Systems (FORSYS)

EU - COST Action FP0601 - Forest Management and the Water Cycle (FORMAN)

EU - Cost Action ECHOES FP0703 - Expected Climate Change and Options for EuropeanSilviculture




INRA - Forêt et changement climatique. Les recherches de l'INRA


Rheinland-Pfalz Kompeztenzzentrum für Klimawandelfolgen: Klimawandelinformationssystem Rheinland-Pfalz (kwis-rlp)

AG Klimawandel der AFSV
(Arbeitsgemeinschaft Forstliche Standorts- und Vegetationskunde)

Decision Support System Wald und Klimawandel (DSS-WuK)

WWF Deutschland - Klima und Wald

Projekt KlimLandRP - Klima- und Landeschaftswandel in Rheinland-Pfalz

Internet-Portal mit umfangreichen Informationen
(Thüringer Landesanstalt für Wald, Jagd und Fischerei):

FORDIS - International Expert Group on Forest Disturbances
(University of Göttingen, Abt. Landschaftsökologie)

PIK - The ForEVAS project (2004-2008): Forest Ecosystems: Vulnerability Assessment of Goods and Services

PIK - The SAFE project (2001-2003): Sensitivity and Adaptation of Forests in Europe under Global Change

United Kingdom

UK Forestry Commission (Forest Research) - Climate Change Impacts on Forests


FAO - Climate Change & Forestry Newsletter (CLIM-FO)

RECOFTC’s Community Forestry E-News

IISD - Climate-L News


EU - EU Forest Action Plan 2007-2011, pdf (approx. 1.2 MB)
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EU - Green Paper on Forest Protection and Information in the EU: Preparing Forests for Climate Change (2010), pdf (0.1 MB)
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CPF (Collaborative Partnership on Forests) - Strategic Framework for Forests and Climate Change

EFI - Expert Assessment of the Likely Impacts of Climate Change on Forests and Forestry in Europe (2000), pdf (0.8 MB)

ETFRN - Forests and Climate Change: adaptation and mitigation, pdf (2.5 MB)

FAO/RECOFTC (The Center for People and Forests) - Forests and Climate Change after Copenhagen. pdf (1.6 MB)

FAO - Adaptation of Forest Ecosystems and the Forest Sector to Climate Change (2005), pdf (0.8 MB)

FAO - State of the World's Forests 2009 report, pdf (13.6 MB)

FAO - Forests and Climate Change Working Papers

IPCC - Synthesis Report 2009 (pdf, 5.6 MB)

IPCC - Special Report on Land Use, Land-Use Change and Forestry (2000), pdf (0.3 MB)

IUFRO - Adaptation of Forests and People to Climate Change - A Global Assessment Report (2009), pdf (3.6 MB)

IUFRO - Policies and Instruments for the Adaptation of Forests and the Forest Sector to Impacts of Climate Change (2008), pdf (3.7 MB)

CIFOR - Facing an Uncertain Future. How People and Forests Can Adapt to Climate Change, pdf (1.4 MB)

CIFOR - The turning point: annual report 2009, pdf (0.9 MB)
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Forestry Commission Scotland - Impacts of climate change on forestry in Scotland - a synopsis of spatial modelling research, pdf (0.9 MB)$FILE/fcrn101.pdf

Forestry Commission Wales - Impacts of climate change on forestry in Wales, pdf (0.4 MB)$FILE/FCRN301.pdf

GCP (Global Canopy Programme) - The Little Climate Finance Book. A guide to financing options for forests and climate change, pdf (2.4 MB)
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CIRAD - Changement climatique-Quelle contribution des forêts et des plantations tropicales? (Flash animation)

Meister Consultants Group (2009): Floating Houses and Mosquito Nets: Emerging Climate Change Adaptation Strategies around the World, pdf (4.8 MB)
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