13. July 2012

INTERNATIONAL ForeStClim PHOTO Competition and Exhibition “Trees and humans in a changing climate”. Call for contributions.

Climate change and social developments place the natural environment under increasing pressure. Hence, we all should stand together to preserve the nature and to strengthen the stability of our environment – in North-West Europe, and in the whole world.

ForeStClim is an environmental project concerned with forests and climate change, and it is supported by the European Union.

Our contest is focused on the photographs that communicate the impacts of climate change on trees and forests on a global scale and on the effects that this has on people. We believe that photographs can touch people and instigate change more effectively than scientific reports or studies.

The competition is open to professional and amateur photographers from all continents.

Entries to the competition to be received by Tuesday 31st July.

1. Nature, forests, and living with forests in a changing climate

2. The suffering of trees and humans in a changing climate

3. Forests and water in a changing climate

4. Climate change observatories in ForeStClim forests.