08. September 2009

Report: Project Steering Committee Meeting in Brittany

On 03/04 September, the ForeStClim project management, team leaders and regional representatives met in La Gacilly/Brittany to discuss the progress of the project.

Major topics of discussion have been

  • the current state of task forces in Team D and Team M
  • coordination issues: communication within teams; progress reporting; WP4 management
  • past and present activities of Teams C, D and M with special focus on the climate data now available from Team C and their transfer to Team M
  • financial issues: risk of decommitment; 18 September JTS deadline for payment claim 3; feedback to payment claim 2
  • meetings, dates: partner meeting 2010 scheduled for 06-08 April 2010; mid-term conference scheduled for first 2 weeks of September 2010

Besides, the project management reported about the recent visit to the Brittany partners' projects (see additional news item).

The meeting minutes will soon be available online from the internal section of the ForeStClim website:
File Manager - 02_ForeStClim - 03_Meetings - 20090903_Steering Committee_La Gacilly

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