09. September 2009

Visiting the Brittany partners

On 02 September 2009, the project management met with the Brittany project partners in Allaire to discuss financial aspects and learn about current activities.

The future information centre on forests and climate change in Ville de Allaire.

Robert Perrot, mayor of Comblessac, explaining his ambitions.

View of the exhibition room at CPIE in St Justin.

Tanya Sahly explains a conservatory plantation of ASLF.

Hervé Le Bouler shows plantations at the CNBF.

Gebhard Schüler addressing the attendees of the tree planting event.

Dominique Julaud and Hervé Le Bouler.

Tree planters in action.

Group photograph after successful plantation.

The partners and their activities are in short:

•    Ville de Beignon, represented by Yves Josse (mayor)
Main ForeStClim activities: Tree planting in several locations around Beignon (approx. 65 ha in total); establishing a 50 km long cycle and hiking path with various plates set up along to explain about forests and climate change; setting up a permanent exhibition room about forests and climate change as part of a new sports facility building.

•    Association Syndicale Libre Forestière d’Allaire et du Pays de Redon (ASLF),
represented by Michel Danielo (directeur)
Plantations of multiple willow (Salix sp.) species for genetic diversity maintenance and at the same time use for handicraft; Pedagogical tools to communicate easily to all people about the impact of climate change on biodiversity in the Pays de Redon et Vilaine (in collaboration with C.N.B.F).

•    Centre Permanent d’Initiatives à l’Environnement Val de Vilaine (CPIE), represented by Guillaume Cosson
Enriching and enlarging the existing information centre about the local megalithic site “Nature et Megalithes” for the aspect of climate change; regular presence with stands at local & regional festivities; establishing a garden for school children; developing pedagogical tools and animations.

•    Ville de Allaire, represented by Jean-Francois Mary (mayor)
Establishing an information centre at Couesle site on forests and climate change in an 19th century farm house; the building has already been acquired and awaits renovation; usage of materials developed by CPIE.
Please read this article (in French) to learn more.

•    Syndicat Intercommunal à Vocation Unique de Vauvert (SIVU), represented by Robert Perrot (mayor of Comblessac)
Similar to Ville de Allaire’s project, SIVU focuses on establishing an information centre “Le Vauvert” to inform about the impacts of climate change on flora, fauna as well as regional handicrafts.
Please read this article (in French) to learn more.

On 03 September, the local partners had organised a joint symbolic tree planting. Venue was the garden of the Éco-Hôtel "La Grée des Landes" in La Gacilly. All Brittany partners, the ForeStClim project steering committee, local politians and regional press came together for this unique event.
Statements were given by Dominique Julaud (President of Pays de Redon et Vilaine et Pays du Guer), Hervé LeBouler (Director of CNBF and scientific advisor of Brittany partners), and Gebhard Schüler (ForeStClim project manager).

Press coverage of the event (in French): Article 1, Article 2, Article 3.