08. December 2008

Hydrology & Green Infrastructure Workshop

The Mersey Forest (partner 13) invites all interested to a workshop.


As part of the European Interreg IVB project ‘ForeStClim’, we would like to invite partners to attend a workshop concerning hydrology and green infrastructure. The workshop will introduce a 4 month project (from January to May 2009) which will seek to embed hydrological thinking into green infrastructure planning in North West England, involving organisations and individuals with hydrological expertise. A task group (perhaps involving workshop attendees) will be set up to take forward the project. The nature and format of this group will be discussed at the workshop.

Green infrastructure in North West England has been defined as “the region’s life support system – the network of natural environmental components and green and blue spaces that lie within and between our cities, towns and villages and provide multiple social, economic and environmental benefits”. The thinking is that green infrastructure consists of a range of types (of which trees and woodlands are an important component), which perform a range of functions, which in turn deliver a range of benefits. We know that flood alleviation and water management is a benefit of green infrastructure, and that this will help in climate change adaptation. However, we have less understanding of the functions (and types) which deliver these benefits. We will look in particular as part of our ForeStClim work at the role of trees and woodlands.

The workshop is informal, we will have limited capability for translation (probably only to German and basic French)


Could any partners who want to attend or to discuss this further please contact Susannah Gill at The Mersey Forest (susannahgill(at)merseyforest.org(dot)uk


10 am - 3 pm on Tuesday 27th January 2009


The Mersey Forest Offices, Risley Moss Visitors Centre, Ordnance Avenue, Birchwood, Warrington, WA3 6QX, England.
Please see here for directions of how to get here, including by public transport.