01. March 2010

Invitation: ForeStClim Partner Meeting 2010

After the Lead Partner has visited all partners separately in 2009, this year will see a joint Partner Meeting for all ForeStClim partners.

On behalf of Prof. Dr. G. Schüler (lead partner) and Prof. Dr. J. Hill (coordination) I invite you all to the upcoming ForeStClim partner meeting. It is required that every partner organization attends with at least one participant. Please share this message also with other persons in your organization how are in charge of ForeStClim actions. As agreed on the last meeting of the steering committee the meeting will be held on the 7th and 8th of April 2010. It will be located at the “Parc d'Innovation d'Illkirch”, near Strasbourg/France. For travel directions, please see here.
The partner meeting on the 7th will be accompanied by an excursion to forested sites on the 8th, guided by the ONF.

Please respect that we plan to start sharp at 10.00 and will end about 18.00. The “reception” will be open from 9.30.

10:00    Welcome (Gebhard Schüler)
10:15    P8 CRPL - Klaus Görgen, Elisbeth McMichael
10:25    P1 Landesforsten – Hans-Joachim Mack
10:30    Questions - Discussion - Outlook for Team C
10:40    P1 Landesforsten – Thomas Caspari
10:50    P2 Trier University – Joachim Hill
11:00    P6 SERTIT – Stephen Clandillon
11:10    P5 ONF – Julien Prinet
11:25    P4 LMU Munich – Thomas Rötzer
11:35    P14 Forestry Commission – Tom Nisbet
11:45    P8 CRPL – Adeline Gilet
11:55    Questions - Discussion - Outlook for Team D, focus on inventories, modeling, site shift and risk assessment
12:10    P9 University of Newcastle – James Bathurst
12:20    P15 CEH – John Packman
12:30    P16 Bangor University – Douglas Godbold
12:40    Questions - Discussion - Outlook for Team D focus on water regimes, interaction with Team C

13:00    Lunch break

14:20    P13 Mercy Forest – Paul Nolan
14:30    P7 G.I.P – Christoph Bidot
14:40    P3 KontextU – Frank Bach
14:55    P12 ITC – Luc Boerboom
15:10    P12 ITC - Ozgun Alan
15:25    Discussion - Questions
15:35    Reports from existing task forces (Luc Boerboom)
15:45    Report of the coordinator on recent joined activities, cooperations, achievements, combined with a outlook on key activities for upcoming months, introduction of new task forces

16:00    Coffee Break

16:15    Meeting of task forces and working groups
17:15    Report of the finance manager (recent figures for the expenditure on project / partner level, report on the process of the 3rd payment claim (problems, chalanges, changes), state of the art for the 4th payment claim)
17:25    Statement of the lead partner, assessments by JTS, challenges and perspectives for upcoming months, activities and perspectives concerning the strategic cluster "Climate Change", communication (publications, web pages), public relations, dissemination of results, teaching etc. 
17:40    Outlook on future meetings (mid-term conference), miscellaneous, applications, suggestions
18:00    End

From this agenda you can see that is planned for every partner to hold a short presentation about accomplished results and milestones concerning planned activities within the application, problems overcome, further steps and cooperation with other partners (special focus on transnational cooperation).
Note: Please strictly respect your individual time frame and be prepared to handle your presentation to me at the reception in the morning.

For the 8th the excursion will start at 8.45 with a join up of all participants at the ONF in Strasbourg and finish about 17.00 at the same location. It is possible to split the group if somebody needs to be back earlier. Please remember to take weather-proof clothing with you (footwear!).

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me if you have any suggestions to the agenda, the miscellaneous rubric or want me to coordinate the contact to certain work groups or persons.

Hope to see you all in Strasbourg

Stephan Seeling