13. April 2010

Short report: Partner Meeting 2010

On 07/08 April, a wide range of ForeStClim partners convened in Strasbourg to inform each other about the latest news and progress made.

Day 1 of the Partner Meeting: Henri Giraud is presenting SERTIT's progress.

The futuristic venue of the meeting.

O.N.F.s Julien Prinet (left) and Marc-Etienne Wilhelm introduce to the Hardt forest site.

Laurent Gautier (third from left) explains O.N.F.s strategy to assess climate change impacts on Alsatian forests (copyright: L. Prinet).

Discussing the forest stands during the lunch break (copyright: Dr. Werner Maurer).

Transnational exchange of sylvicultural management strategies.

Exploring the Alsatian jungle.

Laurent Gautier (O.N.F.) and Stephen Clandillon (SERTIT) explain environmental conditions at the lunch site.

The spruce site with holly bush undergrowth.

An impressive number of 40 participants from 15 partner organisations joined this meeting which was held at the premises of SERTIT,  SErvice Régional de Traitement d'Image et de Télédétection, Université de Strasbourg.

The first day of the meeting saw numerous contributions; representatives from nearly all partner organisations presented their activities and results achieved so far, as well as their outlook for 2010/11. Due to the tight schedule, discussion mostly occurred in the breaks, during coffee and lunch. Besides the opportunity to understand the particular involvement each ForeStClim partners, it has been a chance to make new, personal contact to other partners working on similar subjects.
To the opinion of the project management, this has been a truly transnational event; and it has proven that ForeStClim partners are keen on interacting with each other rather than working on their own. It was also encouraging to see so many people participate in spite of the Easter vacation period. Therefore a big THANK YOU! to all of you who participated and made this meeting possible!

For day 2, Julien Prinet and his colleagues from Office National des Forêts (O.N.F.) had organised a guided tour to several locations in the Alsatian forest. A first visit lead to the Forêt Domaniale de la Hardt Sud near Habsheim, situated in the "rain shadow" of the Vosges mountains. Here, O.N.F. colleagues Pierre Geldreich and Laurent Gautier presented how they are assessing the sensitivity of forest stands towards climate change. Marc-Etienne Wilhelm then explained their innovative sylvicultural approach based on long periods of experience and observation.
To show the wide range of sites under O.N.F. responsibility, the second visit lead to a former spruce-dominated site at the steep mid-slopes of the Vosges mountains. It has been severely affected by windthrow and also influenced by expanding holly bush vegetation. Participants discussed management options at this rather extreme site, also taking into account predicted climate changes.


For all of you who would like to take a closer look at the day 1 presentations, and of course also for all who were not able to make it to the meeting, the partner contributionsare uploaded into the website's internal area . To access them, please log in with your personal login/password. You will find the presentations - including the O.N.F. excursion guide in the folder
File Manager --> 02_ForeStClim --> 03_Meetings --> 20100407_Partner Meeting Strasbourg.

Last but not least, please remember the next "big" ForeStClim event, our Mid-term Conference which will take place 21/22 September 2010 in Nancy/France. We are looking forward to seeing all of you there again!