08. December 2011

ForeStClim meet Eye on Earth

Forestclim partner Dr. Luc Boerboom (www.itc.nl) will present the web-based spatial evaluation for multi-scale environmental management approach at the Eye on Earth Summit (http://www.eyeonearthsummit.org/ ). Over four days Eye...

24. November 2011

SIC ADAPT! Workshop "Vulnerability Assessment" organized by ForeStClim

As part of the Cross Project Exchange of SIC adapt! a workshop with the topic "vulnerability assessment" will take place propably in February 2012.

27. October 2011

Web Links from Brittany

Some web links from Brittany present the local activities and investments within the ForeStClim project in chronological order.

27. October 2011

YouTube Video from Team M

Luc Boerboom and his team introduce in a YouTube video the methodological approach of a distributed spatial multi-criteria evaluation web application which will be adapted to ForeStClim in a next step.

07. September 2011

Upcoming ForeStClim block in Brittany

Steering Committee meeting, Task Force "Forests and Water" meeting and an excursion to ForeStClim investments will take place in Brittany as a block event (12-14 October 2011)